My Forest Gump Day

In what I call "Forest Gump" moment, I found myself invited to perform a recititavo part of a new Opera being written by beloved world renown American composer Philip Glass, and Poet Jerry Quickley at the Philip Glass Days & Nights Festival in Big Sur, California in 2015.

Here are some photos from an unforgettable time I had performing spoken word, the famous poem "Howl" by Allen Ginsberg, with Jerry Quickley, Poet / Artist. I also played the character Edward Snowden, in WHISTLEBLOWER: MEMORY / SURVEILANCE / LOVE / SNOWDEN, libretto by Jerry Quickley, and music composed and perfomed by Philip Glass, with his ensemble members Mick Rossi, and Jon Gibson, and guest friends Lavinia Meijer, Harp, Foday Musa Soso, African Harp, Jeffrey Ziegler, Cello, and David Harding Viola.

An inspirational few days, with incredible artists --- from watching Jerry create and finallize the text to be performed -- to Philip Glass rehearsing with his musical ensemble -- to enjoying watching and being part of the final performance. Never had I performed spoken word, nor had I performed before with this kind of group of artists. Amazing!                               Photos Courtesy of/by Arturo Bejar