"Jazz singer Danny Freyer is a new voice that must be heard" - critic Willard Manus


“With a resonant voice powering an easy swinging vibe on a load of chestnuts, Freyer is sure to be able to pack them in anywhere ears welcome vocalists…The overdue debut shows you're only as old/young as you feel---especially when the swing is the thing. Tasty stuff that make itself at home quite handily.”



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“This is one of the best jazz vocals CD’s I’ve heard in a long time.


Danny Freyer exhibits a classic style that made the memorable standards what they are.  His CD includes several songs that he penned himself.   They inject an ear-catching, enjoyable interlude in the lineup of standards, made all the better since his writing style suits his adopted jazz format well.   I look forward to hearing more original songs from Danny Freyer. For now, I’m enjoying having him in heavy rotation on my stereo at home and on the air.”


Mark Landesman, WWOZ New Orleands 90.7 FM

“Freyer spreads his charm, wit, and elegance disarmingly...” “Effortly straddles the musical divide between big band and bebop..” “Unforced elegance…”  “absolute engaging charm..” “…impeccable timing, warmth, lyrics of profound wit, and impressive vocalese..”  “Freyer shines”





"Danny Freyer's Must be Love could not have started more perfectly than in the Gordon / Revel Goodnight My Love. The moment the song opens up, you think "Man, I haven't heard something like THAT in years!"…and not just for Freyer's letter perfect recitation but also the unbelievably heavenly backing choir (Danielle DeAndrea simul-synching herself in Tinkerbelle-next-door fashion) and muted trumpet. Just…absolutely…perfect."



"Well, speaking as Ol' Blue Eyes number one fan, even I must admit that Freyer has the edge when it comes to swinging. If anything, he's more akin to Crosby and Bing almost always got the nod in that department  ..."




..."This is some of the praise for “Must Be Love” which introduces us to the extraordinary talent of jazz vocalist Danny Freyer.    Read more

“Freyer is sure to be compared with Michael Bublé, Steve Tyrell and other current singers who come out of the stylistic tradition fostered by Frank Sinatra.  Based on the content of Must Be Love (Bluebend Records – BB14-01), he should stack up quite well alongside these peers.  To my ears, I find Freyer a more attractive vocalist. He can swing, has a pleasant baritone, and really puts over his material, including a few originals that show him to be an effective songwriter."  "There is a new cat on the block to keep alive the swinging crooner style, and his name is Danny Freyer. Try Must Be Loved, you’ll like it! “


JERSEY JAZZ  JOURNAL, - Joe Lang,  8/14

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